Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cake in a Jar!

Okay. So KDa brought ordered like a bunch of cake in a jar and I've been gorging them down. Like, honestly... they're delicious! Chocolatey & moist with chocolate chunks... ohhh... 

Diet? Apa tu? Sejenis makanan kah? Ngehehe~

And how weird is that? Literally. Cake in a jar. Gilosss... now rasa macam nak beli lagi~~

Behold! Pixes!

Tada! Comes with its own spoon

Halfway through this super moist chocolate cake in a jar I discovered... chocolate chunks. Bliss!

All finished! Yummy!
Dunno why it's senget. Anyway, cake is named Chocolate Mania, brought to you by Alyssa's!

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